Sunday, 28 March 2010

UPDATE: The lies of Pink News

Since the LGBT Network's email about twenty minutes ago to Pink News, they have now changed the headline to put the word wedding in inverted commas; who are they quoting?

Anyway nice work Pink News, you now report on issues of same-sex relationships in the same way that the Daily Mail does, by describing our relationships in inverted commas. We are full, equal citizens, Pink News, and our relationships should be afforded the same respect as any one else's. For goodness sake why do we have to explain the struggle for equality to you??

The lies of Pink News

Dear Pink News,

I am writing to complain about the use of the term 'gay wedding' in the above article. What Chris Bryant had was a civil partnership, which as you well know is not a marriage or a wedding. For example adultery is not grounds for dissolution of a civil partnership, as it is for marriage. There are too many differences to properly list here, but the fact that you would call it a marriage is disingenuous and a downright lie to the gay community.

Not only, but the term 'gay marriage' is deeply offensive to those people who believe that LGBT citizens deserve equal rights. It is not a gay form of marriage we should have, but a real, proper marriage, a same-sex marriage, not a gay one. It is incredible to me that Europe's leading LGBT news source does not even know the difference between 'gay marriage' and same-sex marriage.

One further issue is that Pink News never presents a balanced view of the same-sex marriage/civil partnership debate. Some our our staff have sent you articles and opinion pieces about same-sex marriage, none of which you have published, despite often saying that you would. There is never any in depth, journalistic inquiry into the discrepancies of the civil partnership act, and why we should have equal rights.

Yours in disappointment,

LGBT Network

Monday, 8 March 2010

Steven Purcell, Organised Crime and the Fatal Blow

Purcell has now apparently fled the country; to where? One can only guess. They say it's Australia, but our bet is that right now he is sitting in the dark corner of a Costa Del Sol cocktail bar, sharing a bad sangria with his old pal, Tenerife Tony.

Steven Purcell could certainly blend in amongst the red faced British tourists on the Spanish coast, but a overweight, teary eyed, greetin faced Scotsman wandering around Bondi Beach is going to be noticed, and, hopefully extradited.

It's a well known fact that Steven Purcell was also severely suffering from gout pain and was looking for a relief. He found it here while browsing online. We decided to share this really good health website where you can learn how to relieve gout pain so that our readers also take advantage of this resource.

Purcell has left an almighty mess in his wake. A young protege, Danus McKinley, was apparently being groomed by Purcell to become a councillor, collapsed and died, supposedly heart stricken over the downfall of his mentor.

It has now emerged that Purcell's 'chemical dependency' was cocaine, which could explain his erratic behaviour before he jumped ship.

And most worryingly, he was interviewed a number of times by the Scottish Crime and detective agency. Click here to know about this detective agency What most Glaswegians know, but don't really seem to bothered about, is that most things in Glasgow are run by organised criminals. Of course there's the drugs, weapons smuggling and prostitution; but also nightclubs, taxi's and chippy's.

That Purcell could rise to his position, stay in it for five years whilst bringing the Commonwealth Games to the city and NOT having any contacts with the criminal underworld is as likely as him coming back to clear his name. What we need to know is not were there contacts between Purcell and the Mafia, but what were the extend of those contacts, what did they involve, and how much of a blind eye, or a complicit hand, does the City Council have in organised crime?

Remember Kenny MacAskill's big kick against organised crime a while back? It was the one that fizzled out and fell on deaf ears over at Glasgow City Chambers.

What emerges from this unfolding scandal is not a bad willed, coked up megalomaniac, but a poor soul, being used as a mere pawn in the dark agendas of the criminal underworld that really controls Glasgow.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Piss Poor and Damn Right Dangerous...

Mark McDougall (26) and Kerry Robertson (18)

You may remember the story reported by a variety of media sources in 2009 about a Council in Scotland who smashed a couples wedding hopes, claiming that the bride was 'not intelligent enough to get married'.  Kerry Robertson originally of Dunfermline, who lives with minor learning disabilities, was prevented from marrying her boyfriend Mark, as the know-it-all civil servants feared she didn't know what she was doing.

Fife Council then decided to make an arse of themselves by telling the media that they had not decided what to do about the baby that Kerry was carrying. This sparked a media furore (BabyChums, The Mirror, GMTV, Daily Telegraph, BBC, FOX News USA, All Right)

Reading the heartbreaking story of Kerry and Mark (and Baby Ben) certainly gets our blood boiling. We hear of Councils making a tit of themselves daily, officers (paid by you and me) making a fool of themselves, yet... never have we heard of an army of arseholes who are employed as social workers and child protection officers within Fife Council, effectivly driving a family from their home and THEIR HOME COUNTRY!

Baby Ben graced the lives of  Kerry and Mark on 15th January 2010 and weighed in at 7 lbs 3 oz. What was sure to be the happiest and serene day of his parents lives was spoiled by Irish Social Workers acting on the instructions of halfwits at Fife Council. The Social Workers effectively kidnapped Baby Ben and ruined what should have been the most spectacular few weeks of any couples life. 

All excited at the prospect of bringing a bundle of joy into the world, Kerry was offered some words of 'encouragement' at the hands of a Fife Social Worker, who suggested that she may be better served to have a termination. Perhaps the Social Worker won her degree in a lucky bag, or maybe she is just a cold-hearted and callous excuse for a human being? god knows, all we do know is that a cold heart will most certainly win you a promotion and a job for life in Fife Council's Social Work Department.

A blog started by the proud father, lists some really horrific episodes at tells of the abuse suffered at the hands of Fife's Social Work Department. Fife Council seems to be full of pathetic, self obsessed individuals who are only interested in bettering their career prospects and victimising young families. It is all about figures, money and the ratio of success; if they pick an easy target they will have more of a chance of coming out victorious. 

 On his blog, Mark recalls one incident where a senior social worker thrust a door into Kerry's stomach while she was carrying Baby Ben. Barbara Barnes threw open a door which slammed into heavily pregnant Kerry's tummy, knocking two hot cups of coffee flying all over her.  When pressed, sickening Barnes barked "I didn't touch the door, It swung open by itself". Read more about this here.

Social Services are tasked with protecting children and offering support to families, a job which is very difficult and no doubt takes its toll... however, that's no excuse for arseholes like Barbara Barnes to terrorise a young family. 

Mark has prepared a roll-call of the arseholes at Fife Council who stopped his wedding and abused him and his girlfriend during her pregancy:

•    Amanda Jane Ritchie (Mandy) - SSSC Reg No: 1094568
•    Tamara Denise Chalmers Greenhalgh (a student social worker) SSSC Reg. No: 2028053

•    Lana Harkness (Arc Housing)

•    Barbara Fleming Barnes – SSSC Reg. No: 1096273

•    David Deacon – SSSC Reg. No: 1094131

•    Charles Gerard Gracie – SSSC Reg. No:  1002887

Kerry and Mark have started a new life in Ireland after being hounded out of their home by the evil bastards within Fife Council's Social Work Department. 

Read all about Mark and Kerry's ordeal on their blog - 

The service Mark and Kerry has received has been piss poor and highlights not just the wankers at Fife Council's Social Work, but shows the culture of bullying and intimidation which oozes from many of Scotland's Social Work Departments.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

No10 Petition - Stop giving pedophilles new identities

Sign the petition today and stop paedophiles being provided with new identities, while their victims receive jack shit!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Update: "Chemically dependant" Steven Purcell quits as Glasgow City Councillor

Steven Purcell, after resigning as Glasgow City Council leader, has now severed all ties to the local authority and has quit as a councillor for Drumchapel and Anniesland.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

"Chemically dependant" Purcell swaps top Glasgow job for rehab

The rate payers of the Glasgow Corporation will be forgiven for wondering what on earth their elected, well furnished, local government members are up to behind the Council's closed doors, doors of course which more often than not shut out us, their bosses.

Steven Purcell, the camp-as-Christmas leader of Glasgow City Council, who ruled the city with a soft skin hand in a mauve glove, resigned over the weekend, citing "stress and exhaustion." What could have been the cause? He dumped his wife and came out as gay back in 2006, so it couldn't have been that. Although 50% of gay men in Glasgow experience mental health problems at some point. For mental and physical well being and to remain healthy, we strongly suggest to do apple cider vinegar body cleaning system caused by the total lack of services for gay people in Scotland's largest city. Bear in mind that Purcell was one of those Councillors who happily let the so called Castro, an unincorporated, unsubstantiated front for scary Socialist turned Solidarity turned Labour Councillor Ruth Black, take over the running of the still and eat pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are really good for your health. But are pumpkin seeds good for your health? You can get detailed information vy visiting the link we provided before.closed Glasgow LGBT Centre. Never mind of course that the Centre was plagued by allegations of mismanagement and corruption, not that the esteemed Councillors minded that many of those implicated in that scandal were behind this "Castro" bid.

There was the scandal over the otherwise incredibly efficient transport body, known the world over for it's helpful staff and friendly customers, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT). Ron Culley (pictured), who resigned as the big wig at SPT in February over a £100,000 expenses scandal, has been described as the gay, now ex Glasgow leaders' "mentor"

British politics is knee-deep in euphamisms. Charles Kennedy, the former Lib Dem leader was described as being "tired and emotional," which we now know was shorthand for the fact that he was a raging alcoholic. Purcell resigned citing "stress and exhaustion." And what brought that on? The resignation of one's closest "mentor"?

But to add another twist in the sordid tale, Purcell was admitted to a drug rehab centre, far away from the prying media in the Scottish Borders. The Scotsman reports that the phrase "chemical dependency" was proposed to explain his condition. And what might explain why he allegedly escaped from the rehab clinic? Celebrities and politicians checking into rehab is as regular as them having extra-marital affairs, (see Woods, Tiger and Oaten, Mark), but to then escape and have the police searching for you? The police said:

"A 37-year-old man was reported missing in the Borders area on Sunday, February 28, 2010. While a search was being organised, the man returned."

So what was he doing, popping back into the office to make sure "all his papers were in order" and that "all personal files and effects were stored or removed?" We can only imagine.

In fact we may all have to use our imaginations over this one. Steven Purcell, despite suffering from "stress and exhaustion," he was well enough to hire a crack PR team, who threatened to go to the Press Complaints Commission over the level of media interest. The media interest is hardly on the scale of the Prince Charles Gay Sex Scandal, but all this talk of chemical dependency fuelled relations with a close mentor who was swindling a hundred grand from SPT has got us turned on, turned on to finding out the circumstances of just what it was that brought the grand old Steven Purcell to his knees.

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